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This mural measures 8' x 15' acrylic on canvas pasted to wall. The mural design is of old NYC and is placed in the lobby of the Bankers Trust bank on Park Ave. For the most part, all of our murals are painted on canvas in the studio and then installed on site. There are times, because of specifics, that the murals need to be painted directly to wall surfaces, this of course can be accomplished and sometimes preferred. Anything is possible and any medium can be used, i.e. oils, acrylics or conte to give the desired look. All material used is of highest archival quality. 


Restoration comes in many different forms and DiVincenzo Studios is highly qualified and accomplished in a wide range of specialized applications. The above photo is a section of the Ceiling of the Pan Am room located in the Hotel Lafayette which completed its historic restoration in 2012. The ceiling curved molding and surrounds were faux grained to historic specs of old oak wood panels that were originally executed by artisan's when the Hotel was built. In conjunction with the graining we also decorated the accent ribbon and crests in old world gild.

We also restore churches using historic methods with the utmost care to authentic details and permanence.                            

The above photograph is an example of the stencil design that we create and apply to wall surface. This is a bedroom in a home in Brookyn NY where our client, a NY fashion designer wanted pure beauty. The design is original, created by Mark DiVincenzo,  the walls were first stried, white over light grey, the stencils were carefully cut-out on stencil oil board, spray mounted to surface, then painted in irridescent hues of mostly silver with pale gold accents.

We have excelled in applied stencil design, as viewed on other pages, including ceiling's which are completely stenciled, borders and trompe l'oeil effects.

We can execute and apply the most challenging, creative stencil design imaginable in any type of interior.


Interior Design



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